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interview: carrie siegel, two trick pony

SMART, GREEN PAPER GOODS: Two Trick Pony is committed to green design. We work hard to reduce our environmental hoofprint by screen printing all of our paper goods by hand using water-based inks on 100% post consumer recycled paper [Two Trick Pony].

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I had the pleasure of meeting Carrie Siegel back in early 2007 when we worked on the creation of wedding invitations for my August wedding. Immediately I connected with Carrie, her easy-going manner and presence was contagious. Carrie is truly an inspiration as well as an extremely humble, lovely person who has carved a unique space for her cleverly implemented designs and social convictions to thrive. This is a piece that was written as a class assignment, but has transformed into a lovely little reflection piece on Carrie, Two Trick Pony and the art of eco-friendly print making.

THE BEGINNING: Carrie met her fellow pony, Laurie Mee, while working at Paper Source. Little did the other know, but each wanted to quit their present job in pursuit of an independent design venture. It wasn’t until over Chinese food that both admitted to wanting to quit Paper Source in order to start a business manufacturing invitations and cards; they decided to do it together.

We’re inspired by vintage fabrics, vintage wallpaper, anything that we see out and about in our daily life, life forms from the ocean; we find our inspiration pretty much everywhere.

The name Two Trick Pony was a result of the screen printing process. Originally, the Gocco inspired the name One Trick Pony due to its ability to do one action and produce only one card at a time. Having moved away from the Gocco, Carrie proclaimed that they must now have more than one trick – and the name Two Trick Pony was born.

on hiatus: new year, new opportunities

With the new year comes a new job. This past week I started as a Community Manager for WEGO Health. A stellar start-up that’s shaking up the online health space in innovative and community-centric ways by “empowering health activists to help others.”

In order to focus my energy on integrating into my new community responsibilities (as well as academic ones) I’ll be taking a temporary hiatus from blogging here at Left Behind Bottle Caps. In my absence please read what’s been written – and be sure to visit me at my new home within the WEGO Health community.

My hope is to return by February with fresh insight and inquiries. In the meantime, may the new year bring happiness, creativity and laughter. Many thanks, and be well.