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“troopergate” palin abused power

While I’ll be going MIA for the next few days, thanks in part to my finance midterm, I simply couldn’t resist a short blip on the Alaskan drama that’s unfolding around Palin. My biggest question is whether voters will shun Palin for her actions or rally around her in support?

The BBC reports, the running mate of US Republican presidential candidate John McCain has been found guilty of an abuse of power, according to a state legislature probe.

The US presidential race has now become so polarised both Republicans and Democrats will likely see the report’s findings as vindication for their own trenchant views about Mrs Palin, says the BBC’s Richard Lister in Washington.

Alaska’s governor will either be seen as the victim of a Democratic party hatchet job, or a hypocrite.

Most voters, for now at least, seem more concerned about who will extract them from the current economic crisis, rather than any questions about political infighting in far-off Alaska, our correspondent adds.

Read more about “Troopergate”, Palin and the election at the Huffington Post.

creative finds: creature comforts

For those of you who know me, my obsession is not only for technology, media…um, and wine, but also for handmade goods and lovely creative things. I was lucky enough to stumble upon two such finds this afternoon during lunch thanks to Etsy: Creature Comforts and Melissa Loves.

Both blogs are full of wonderfully satisfying creative and stylish goodies. I particularly love Creative Comforts’ “CHIC FOR CHEAP” segment – and Melissa has one too! I’m hooked, as I’m always trying to remain pulled together on a dime, and am eager for the next post in this series. In the meantime, I’m off to track down that eye catching blue top and the Converse jacket. Thanks ladies!